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For more than two decades, I have been working with leading institutions to

build connections and communities, and enrich

the lives of citizens through arts and culture. I am committed to helping clients transform their contributions to society.

Heidi Reitmaier & Company is a creative consultancy that works with organizations to clarify and deliver on their mission,

develop programming and engagement to expand audiences, and collaborate with communities and people in order to create lasting impact.




Working in the Arts and Culture sector for over 25 years, I can say that all of my experience is rooted in strategy, conceived through research and expertise and shaped by inclusivity, innovation, creativity and play.

I never forget the joy of arts and culture whilst holding onto integrity. For me, it is always imperative to develop relevant, uplifting, manageable, impactful and result-driven solutions to your needs.

I have held roles at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Vancouver Art Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, the British Broadcasting Company and London’s Tate Gallery.  My global network extends to Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, North and South Asia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and it helps me connect with developments around the world. ​ 

In my work as a chief executive, senior manager, consultant, programmer, curator, educator and facilitator, I have proven that arts and culture are essential drivers when working with communities and networks. Although not an ESG company, I know how to work through and with arts and culture to make real environmental, educational, social and creative change.




This work will clarify and deliver on your purpose and function. It is essential to create a roadmap for positive social and cultural change especially as cultural institutions are thinking more deeply about their relevance and impact through a lens of diversity and inclusion. The process is collaborative and the solutions will be clear and manageable. It is even possible to prepare your institution for readiness from shovel to opening. 


Authentic and engaged communities working together is of great benefit to your organization. Partnerships are an essential driver in the future of cultural institutions and business. Working with artists and building connections within our communities through creativity improves social cohesion, health, wellness and the economy. The impact is always beneficial. 


Connecting, sharing and learning is now more important than ever. Stimulating the imagination and curiosity of someone no matter their age is the work of learning. Conversations, lectures, design charrettesexhibitions, workshops, performances are all opportunities for knowledge and ideas to be exchanged. Subjects like science, health, new technology, film, design, architecture and literature connect with arts and culture, and interdisciplinary education builds even greater curiosity and further enriches the lives of everyday citizens. 

Engaging the community voice to author sites transforms lives and urban spaces. Working across the fields of urban design, planning, community engagement, public art, and policy along with arts and culture can shape our daily surroundings and engage people in transformative ways resulting in real change.  

No matter what size your project may be,

we want to hear from you.


Thinking about arts and culture. Let's chat.

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