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DEMOS - A Reconstruction

Andreas Angelidakis

Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto 



As part of the intention to create a more welcoming and community based installation at the museum, I worked collaboratively with the team to design a programming plan that identified the ground floor as the site of the Invitation Project. This was a proposed series of site-responsive installations that straddle the disciplines of art, architecture and social engagement to explore the formation of social space. Andreas Angelidakis’s DEMOS – A Reconstruction was an installation of 74 foam modules that visitors of all ages can move and rearrange.

Evidence of Outcome:

  • successful project aligned with MOCA brand and community focused, generous, inviting, welcoming, playful, and accessible to all ages

  • developed on a moderate budget with significant audience impact engaging over 20,000 visitors in the first weekend  

  • significantly increased the attraction of the museum for families and young children and attendance of this demographic

Demos – A Reconstruction, Andreas Angelidakis, by toni hafkenscheid @MOCA Toronto

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