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London Poetry Night hosted by Poetry Luv and featuring Dean Atta, Late at Tate, Tate Britain London, 2014 ©Tate

Primetime program - public engagement .p

Primetime, late night programming, MCA Chicago, 2016 © MCA chicago

Late Night Programming - Audience Development 


Tate Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery 

& Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 

2002 - 2012 & 2016- 2018


Revitalized, launched and led late night programming across three different institutions. As early as 2002, worked in collaboration with the marketing team at Tate Britain to launch Late at Tate, an initiative focusing on local audiences and artists. In my role in Vancouver and at MCA Chicago, I was asked to revitalize late night programming. In all three instances, I led a situational analysis of the market, key stakeholders interviews and focus groups, set up more effective pan-institutional working teams, worked to rebrand, set up new communication and social marketing campaigns, developed long-term partnerships with music and tourist entities in the cities, commissioned unique site-specific participatory art projects and performances, created curatorial partnerships with leading artists, secured corporate and individual gifts to ensure long-term sustainability. 

Evidence of Outcome:


  • revisitilized late night pan-institutional cross disciplinary programming

  • Increased visitors aged 15-25 by over 40%

  • established long-term partnerships with local artists and organizations

  • generated greater visibility for institutions

  • increased and diversified audiences up to 200%

  • established a model of museum participation and visitation and was invited to consult with museums around the world including the Seattle Art Museum, Yerba Buena Art Center in San Francisco, Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles and The Art Institution in Chicago to help build similar initiatives

  • program became a catalyst for late night city wide museum programs in London and for the Noche de Museos in Mexico City

  • Late at Tate is still running as of 2021 with major support from Uniqlo

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