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Studio Learning Space & Teen Creative Agency, MCA Chicago, 2018


Grid is a Grid is a Grid, Concept Proposal by Johnston Marklee, MCA Chicago installation, 2015© MCA 

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 

Strategic Planning, Visioning and Spatial Planning  

2014 - 2018

Architectural firm Johnston Mark Lee led a $16m major refurbishment, and in my role at the MCA, I undertook a situational analysis and extensive work sessions with over 200 internal and external stakeholders. This visioning work established a strategic plan, guiding principles, and the roadmap for implementation. It identified some core challenges within the institution as well as within the civic and educational sphere.

Evidence of outcome:

  • strategic planning & implementation

  • new spaces for programming and learning

  • 5-year educational plan

  • shift in institutional focus to audience development, community engagement and working with local artists.

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