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Above: multi-visit school programs, Below: Teacher's Professional Development MCA Chicago, 2014 photos: Nathan Keay ©MCA Chicago 

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Multi-visit School Program:  Grade 4, 5 & 6 

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 



With support from the Terra Foundation, whilst leading education at the MCA Chicago, we expanded and developed a multi-visit program for urban schools that brought english and arts teachers together to learn how gallery teaching can improve learning and behavior in the classroom. This work included designing an annual teacher professional development program, pre and post-visit curriculum as well as in-gallery tools. These also included integrated evaluation tools used by students and teachers, and led to an annual impact assessment of the program, as well as a community forum for teachers to learn and improve the program across schools. 

Evidence of Outcome:

  • a set of key evaluation tools developed to be used each year including surveys, observations, case studies, focus groups and interviews

  • demonstrated annually that core critical thinking skills for the students such as observation, analysis, interpretation and explanation were significantly improved, and that the program developed transferable skills for the classroom in all core subjects including history, civics, art, english and science 

  • teacher partnerships resulted in greater collaboration and more unified pedagogy across subject areas

  • established networks and communities across the teaching community in Chicago and successfully expanded each year 

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